Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red-back Shrike in Kent and Serins in Rainham Essex

Well a little outing to my old haunts along the spy a Red-backed Shrike for my Kent list and then a trip up the motorways to Rainham Marshes for a Serin or two or three!

I had almost forgotten that 1 hadn't seen a Serin in UK this year having seen them in Espana!

Went to a secret location on Sunday and discovered that there were at least 2 Willow Tits still there. claw back for the year list.

On Saturday I got a new patch tick for Redlees Park a Grey Wagtail - 1st winter feeding happily among the leaves on the ground!
Redwings flew overhead and Fieldfares were in Syon Park.

Meanwhile I couldn't go to the Scillies/Ireland/Yorkshire for various birds several which would have been UK ticks and a couple lifers. Thats the ups and downs of birding!

Still I am still studying Southern African birds for the big trip!!
Field guide marked up with potential birds and a really helpful crew of South African Birders on Bird Forum who have been educating me about SA birding and Mammals!

(Just think of all those birds that might turn up next October when I am in Shetland for a fortnight, thats why they are not seeing so many there this October!!)Ever the optimist!

There is a Sabine's Gull out there with my name on it!


Anonymous said...

Nice one with the willow tits C.

Now this Sabine's Gull with your name on it, whats the real giveawaywithwith an Adult winter in flight?

And if on land and stood up, what are the 2 giveaways?

Just so you keep your eye in you understand.

Eagleseagles said...

Similar wing pattern to summer - I'm looking out for those white triangles!(along with the black and grey ones!)in flight/

Its the head - half a hood dark with what might even look like a white scarf at distance!

Now I will have to go and look at the book - could it be the legs?

Eagleseagles said...

I mean half a hood is towards the neck and then there is the scarf of white!!

Anonymous said...

I'll give you i point for the legs, but whats the main one? come on sneaky dont let me down think!

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great stuff Corinna! I managed to twitch the shrike today though it gave rather disapointing views if I'm honest! Would rather of seen an adult male...Oh well...