Friday, April 30, 2010


Sorry not to have logged for a while...first had difficulty getting signed gave up!

Its a bit busy locally as the Local Elections have been in full swing....

I will comment about this later!

Not much birding apart from what I see/hear in my travels! Goldfinches continue to visit the feeders so they must be working out where to nest! A pair of Robins are very active and the house sparrows appear very busy!

A couple of RNTerrorsappear to have found the feeders but are being disturbed by my cats ---they dont know that the cats stopped being a nuisance to birds a couple of years ago! Morse was even more silly than usual yesterday when lying on the bench surrounded by Wood Pigeons and a few ferals!

The birds know my lot dont chase let alone catch anything!

So to my readers who wonder where I have been- just busy - too much walking - very tired and cant wait for Friday(week) and the count to be over......