Friday, June 29, 2007

Whoops clicked enter too soon- the good news

US keeps eagle eye on National Bird!!

What a magnificent bird.I remember seeing my first truely wild Canada in 2004.
The sight will stay with me forever!

I love Eagles you would never realise it would you? And Birds of Prey too.

But I do like all birds even the dull brown ones as no bird is really dull!!

Some good news and some bad

Well two items of news regarding birds I see today.

Good news re Bald Eagles in the States.
But some bad news about our seabirds around St Kilda.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tropical giant penguin discovered

Well so much is being uncovered a giant penguin!!

Historic day.

Today we see a new Prime Minister as Gordon Brown takes over from Tony Blair.
I am looking forward to seeing a fresh approach and some different styles of working.

After 10 years in power it is time for Labour to refresh the Government, the Party and the Country.

I am looking forward to seeing Gordon's new Cabinet and other appointments.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Been away!!

Not been blogging as I went to Espana on a birding trip and lots of stuff has happened since I got back!!

I will blog my trip which was fantastic....went from Oliva in Valencia- to the Pyrenennes and back via the Ebro delta.

Went with If you click on the title it should take you to Jules website.

Jules was helped with the driving by Ken Shaw and there were 5 of us...I knew 3 others(met biurding in Espana a couple of years before!!) and had met another on Birdforum.-awaiting their photos...mine were typically record shots!!

A brill time birding, id ing Butterflies and we all had a great time good company and some terrific laughs!!