Monday, August 24, 2009

England regain the Ashes!

Boy how good does that sound!

In 2005 it was we have finally WON the Ashes.....that felt totally amazing!

Yup we was blitzed in 2007 in Oz .....

but to win the Ashes again in 2009 was brill!

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Lords and had a brill day there - just do love Lords.

Yesterday I dodged in and out of the house - dogs need to be walked when you are looking after them (especially in their own home) and managed to watch most of the day.

This time it was a real team effort but I have to congratulate Strauss and his batting and captaincy ...I had my doubts about him but he proved me wrong!

Lots of memories including just how big a unit Freddie is - in real life as opposed to TV!
Stuarts fiver at the oval - the fact that Swan did himself proud...he is a lovely bloke....and Prior is getting it together as a WK!

Credit to the Aussies fought all the way!

I ought to have gone out birding but it was tooooooo tempting to see the Cricket!

Ruff at Rye Meadss I see and a friend I might have bumped into at Barnes!

Now to sort out those KF at Rye Meads!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here we go again

Another attempt to catch up on my bird blog - shant worry about other things -life goes on!

KFP (Kingfisher Project) part 2 - went to Rye Meads saw the breeding pair and y friend got a flyaway photo.

KFP part 3 will be next week on my friends return from Sicily!
A Caspian Tern turned up in Welney on 4th July - as I was in the Brecks/on route for seeking out a Ruddy Shelduck.
Having seen the Tern late morning -I aborted Ruddy shelducks and went to Otmoor to spy a Marsh Warbler.

Scottish visit involved seeing the River Warbler (cant believe I missed the South coast bird last year!) Applecross - both very nice! Across to Skye for Golden Eagles, Twite and Black Guillimots - and an Otter!

West Coast for a WT Eagle -Sea Eagle rules!

A whizz into Abernethy Forest for Crested Tit and Parrot Xbill and once again no Capers capering or otherwise!
Across a moor or two for Red and Black Grouse - "go-back" and"grousing"

Couldn't face the climb up in the Cairngorms for Ptarmigan and Dotterels -so will have to hope to see young D's on route back to their wintering quaters.


A world lifer and another couple on the year list! This time I did go to Norfolk proper!