Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long w/e to Cornwall day1 part2

Later in the afternoon went for a walk around Newquay. Interesting for surfers and young students!

The waves seemed quite it was back to our Hotel and our beach.

In fact the waves were huge! Actually discovered that they were even high for the local surfers!

My friend Pat had her camera (I had left mine behind!) I may be able to post a couple of her pics later!

Watched for ages...most of the surfers were on the waves for a few seconds! Most about 10 seconds.I did notice one guy who seemed to be up for ages - all that effort for a couple of seconds?

Still I dont do swimming any more and would never have even tried surfing so what do i know?

The w/e was a reunion with some old friends from my last school. 4 of us arrived this am and the others arrived in the early evening - for a meal and drinks!

I was aware I was driving the next day and retired to bed early.My hire car was arriving early the next morning and i had some serious birding to do!
The others were due to go on a long coastal walk - Boscombe to Tintagel. (A walk I di back in the eighties!)


Anonymous said...

Nice pics sneaky. Ooooh to be amongst those Gulls.

Eagleseagles said...

LOL wrong post Shifty!
I have posted it to the correct one now!