Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a couple if pics from my visit to Richmond Park on Friday afternoon. The morning I spent at Staines Res , Stanwell Moor and Staines moor (top bird - Little Egret)
went for light lunch in the park and was entertained by the Jackdaws. Then on route to Henry's Mound (from there you can look through the trees over a view towards St Pauls Cathedral (10 miles away!!)a Robin flew down and posed for a pic!!
The view is the opposite way.
In the gardens later in a very quite part I heard a flock of Goldcrest's cant remember seeing any there before so that was nice!

Finally England win an IOD series!

Yes you see I stopped talking about it and we finally wom 4-3.
On a day I couldn't watch either!!

Went to s Christening and party afterwards!!

Anyway finally KP actually batted well and was given man of the match altho some people think James Anderton bowled well enough to win it!

So the Twenty Twenty Team have flown off to SA for the World Cup.Some debate about the name but to be honest I dont really care. It will be interesting to see games between the top teams and see if the top test teams turn out to be the best at 20/20.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Good news!! Divers.

The very beautiful Red necked Diver is breeding well in Scotland and the experts are not exactly sure why!
The Black necked Diver which is rarer in the UK is also on the increase!

Good news day!

Click on title for the article.

Having seen both divers (along with the Slav Grebe - a stunner in full breeding gear!) in Scotland in the summer with chicks, I am really glad to hear this news!

Still in search of the elusive Kingfisher(s) at Barnes! Maybe see one sat week with some friends.
Went to a local patch this morning. On way to another after a pit stop at home to pick up post and feed the reluctant to get up at 6am cat, Cagney!! The others all appear as if by magic whatever time I get up- must have CCTV on me!!

Out for an Italian meal tonight with friends for a celebration.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Went to Barnes

saw Hobby chasing Sand Martins...what a sight.
(Red backed shrike at Rainham...seen earlier this year in Espana.)

Lots of wetland wildlife...
no Kingfishers again!! They are there.... perhaps they will show on Tuesday!!

last time I speak before....

Knew I ought not post!!

its now 3-2 in the series due to rain mainly!! Maybe we would have made it maybe not but its time for KP to have a decent bat .

Failed each time as far as his ability goes!!

The oval on Wednesday.....awaits IU am saying nothing!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Man of the match Stuart Broad

Well I am very happy about the narrow squeak victory! 3-1 (but the Indian team may make a comeback as their batting is usually good...)

Sunday and its Headingly.....we will see.

I was very excited by Broad the first time I saw him bowling in 20/20 last year. He was going to be an opening batsman like his dad- Chris Broad...but grew and grew so was developed as a fast bowler...he can bat!

I do think we have to be a bit careful not to bowl him out by taking him to Sri Lanka but to go on an A tour and then maybe to New Zealand next year. He will enjoy bowling in NZ.
Good to see Bopara batting well augers well for the future.