Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bob Woolmer RIP

Well it was bad enough to hear of the death of the innovative Cricket Coach (and ex-Kent County player) but now his death is suspicious.

We await further details.

The Pakistanis will play their last game in the World Cup...with heavy difficult will it be for them.

Its all very very sad.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More photos by Sean Dennis

Acorn Woodpecker and Lineated (male)Woody

Kingfishers are Green and Amazon. The Amazons are bigger and have less white in their wings.The Green has more colour on its belly.

These are both females, males have a rufous breast.

Some photos by Sean Dennis

Oropendula - an interesting bird which sounds rather tropical!! I love their display!! These are Montezuma's ......



What happened to our batting?
Even KP decided to throw away his wicket when he looked set for a big score and then dropped a sitter!!

Help its hard watching England!!

It will get better as we play Canada next!!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Cricket lovely Cricket

I will return to post photos by Sean from our Costa Rica trip.

But first Cricket. I dont like cricket I love it!!

England play their first One day Game in the World Cup this afternoon against New Zealand.

After the end of the Aussie series when totally unexpectedly we beat the Aussies...I wondered what might happen.
I had a discussion with Pete re the make up of the squad and the selectors didn't listen to either of us. Actually the majority of the team is the same!
Wicket keepers being of greatest concern.
But also not picking some of the younger players for experience- as we wont win the thing this time anyway!!

My predictions Australia to play South Africa in the final. Windies to play their best and get to the semis....but who with them....?

Did think India...possible or Sri Lanka...I hope England but....

I'd love to be wrong!!

I will return to this topic after the game!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photographs from, Costa Rica bySean Dennis

Sean was on the birders trip we made in Jan/Feb this year.
His photographs are very good , in fact some are stunning. I am really glad that Sean has allowed me to share these.
Unless I say a photograph is mine all will be his!! There was another photographer on our trip and some of her photos can be seen here
scroll down to see Wendy's photos...she digiscopes...both use digital cameras.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy day!!

Busy day so only time to look at Garden birds in two gardens. Mine...well its a number of gardens really as they are all small...its a little oblong...but we have House Sparrows, Starlings, Woodpigeons, Blue and Great tits, Robins (one pair) and Blackbirds (one pair).

Visitors or passers by
feral nasties, Carrion crows and Magpies (they live down the road in a local Park), Blackheaded and Lesser Black Backed Gulls (from the River....Thames) RN Parakeets and a Grey Heron

My friends....we have feeders there....

RN Parakeets (too many!!) (from Osterley Park where they roost)
Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Robin (a pair), Blackbirds (a pair)
Blue and Great tits, a couple of Starlings (fat balls) and a Wren and a Dunnock - they nest next door but only ever see one at a time!!
Lots of Feral pigeon sometimes with a Woodpigeon....Carrion Crows and Magpies pass through
and the Gulls.......

So took Zeta the German Shepherd to Chiswick House for a couple of hours run today......

heard a number of Yaffles (Green Woodies) and Song Thrushes.....the usual suspects (Garden
birds as above!!) lots of RN Parakeets...they are everywhere.

Then the Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Mallards and Tufties.....Coots and Moorhens.
3 Coot nests....and lots of pairing.....

I though I heard a distant drumming...or was it that I am looking for my first Lesser Spot Woody...searched Richmond Park the other day....they should be about!!

I shall have to visit Barnes soon.....Caspian Gull there recently.....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Albatross rule the skies!!

Well thats how I feel today...usually its Birds of Prey but I was looking at a website today and I thought I'd put some of my photos from Kaikoura here!
Now I have worked out how to post pics!!

A visit from a Coati Mundi

The wild Coati mundi reminded me of the Coati that visited us one morning for Bananas.
They obviously help themselves to the bird feeders...and when there are no bananas left....well they come to the breakfast area!!

Oh the Dogs are ahhh factor after Crufts where a dog I liked the look of won!!


Once more its another month!
Its not like I dont like blogging I'm just not in the habit!!
I have added a link to Ocean and Forest Walks blog. I like it!!
Digiscoper link has been deleted as I cant access it anymore!
I have a number of photos to add from my Costa Rica and New Zealand trips and I'm hoping to post these over the next week!

I have been out and about Birding in the Uk since my last blog post. I have added another blog site where I am going to keep my lists, I would have prefered to do tags on my main blog but I cant work out how to do them!

Coati Mundi seen on the roadside in Costa Rica.