Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fulmers and egg

Finally a photo!!
Well here are a pair of Fulmers and thei egg at Bempton on Sunday. They were sharing (non too happily this ledge with...a Razorbill...whether the RB had an egg we couldn't see but after the male(?) chased it off he was seen to be looking in the corner out of sight....??
The egg is pushed against the wall.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Finally gone in the correct way!!

Thanks Digibirder for the helpful hint on Sunday.....I have now actually entered the blog in the correct way for the first time!!

I shall now wait til later to post again!!

Just to say what a pleasure it was to meet Birdman, Anna and CherryPie on Sunday (well Cherrypie on Sat too!!) at Bempton!!!!
It was good to see the Quacks of Life and Digi plus Keith as well!! What a merry little birding crew we were!!

Puffins......ahhhh factor. Kitties, Guillies (bridled too), Razorbills.....Fulmars and GANNETS!!!!!

Plus a cast of extras!!!

More later maybe even a pix or two.....steady on!!!