Friday, December 30, 2011

To sum up 2011

My Fair Isle Kep!

Shetland Wildlife asked what were the highlights of 2011.
I had a little think and I shared a few events.
So I wondered how to sum up the year -I decided this should be about Natural History.

Tanzania has to be the tip top best - totally amazing- every day was something new.
I need to sort through Pat's photos and post more on here and on Facebook!
I have a lovely memory with the picture Pat made me of my favourite birds!

Shetland was a refreshing clean air break- not so many lifers but always a sheer joy. Its a lovely place with delightful locals and quite a lot of the visitors are great too altho some did leave a lot to be desired with their wrong headed attitude to birding in the Isles!

Then there were the trips out birding with Bob especially at the begining of the year to Norfolk (3) and the Forest of Dean - the Rufous Turtle Dove on our way home.

The trips to Sussex,Aberdeen and especially The Isles of Scillies for lifers!

Started the year with my UK life list (BOU) on 395 - its now on 411.

The Birdwatch list is 415 - not counted included Northern Harrier, Ross's Goose both seen in Norfolk in January.

So for 2012?

Well I will go on the usual trips to Norfolk and the Forest of Dean - but I want to concentrate on local patch birding, Kent and Sussex birding.
Think I might also try to sort out my London list!

I will be twitching UK Lifers as and when they present themselves.

Local patch - well hoping to do a web count at a special place - but have to sort that out permission wise.

I want to patch watch bird and panspecies (well Butterflies/Dragons mainly) Hounslow Heath.
Sort out whether I am going to have Kempton NR as a local patch.

I have two holidays booked
- in May/June Birding in Finland and Northern Norway (really looking forward to this!)

to Shetland and Fair Isle in October.

I will also be going to Cornwall for a long w/e at the begining of May for the EVENT OF THE YEAR!
Sami and Seths wedding!

They will then embark on walking from Lands End to John o Groats for their honeymoon to raise money for Butterflies in UK.
Details to be seen on Widerscope website and I will post links for the fundraising later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

osterley and syon

Well a walk was called for this afternoon- first to Osterley where the cafe was closed- so then to Syon where of course the cafe was open- had to search for the coffee as all coffeee shops between Osterley and Syon were closed!

Not so many birds about either apart from some showy and posey Robins!

We caught the sun going down at Syon and the moon was well up!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick trip to norfolk!

Well there was a Western Sandpiper (WP and UK lifer!) and a Coue's Arctic Redpoll to be seen - and i'd had some grief off a birding mate re the Western!(you know who you are "Gibster"!)

Both in Norfolk- so what to do on the day after Boxing Day- well yes a little trip was on the cards!

So now i am home and both birds nicely captured - altho I did leave them there for others to see!lol!

Now I am preparing vegatables to be cooked after the clash between Harlequins and Saracens on the TV.