Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cornwall Day 2 Part 2

Off to the Hayle estuary where i had seen an American Wigeon (juv/female?) had been spotted and reported on the pager the day before.....
its a good place to start the day as sea-watching wasn't a real option owing to the sunny day!
There were hundreds of gulls...Black-headed I was told a few years ago are not as common here....but i'm not sure anybody had told them that! There were Herrings of all ages...Lesser BB and some GBB then i spied a Common Gull and a Med Gull. No YLG that I could see.A Curlew was causing great delight to a group of Welsh birders who happened to be in the same car park as did the Grey Wagtails and Dunlin! I pointed out a Little Egret and off they went into ecstasy! A Redshank marched into view. I couldn't stand the delight! Off to the Reserve via another view point...where a Curlew and Redshank were sharing a feeding area. Not a lot about so a walk to the causeway...Meadow Pipits and a couple of Rock pipits interrupted my walk.
Once I had crossed the main road I joined a number of other birders...hi I said as I approached...grunt came one reply that I had to do with as they were the sullen bunch!

A flock of lots of wigeon greeted me as well as the flocks of gulls! (see previous post!) So no help from these miserable b******! Well as luck would have it lo and behold I saw a different Wigeon....I think I have the American I said gently and waited...the guy who had grunted on my arrival was no longer there and the others ignored me...suit yourselves I thought!

Been trying to find photos of this bird you will have to go to Cornwall Birding to see it!

to be continued!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bit about the B.H.G's LOL
You got some nice birds there sneaky, pity about the ignorant group of birders. At least you made 1 lot happy.