Thursday, October 09, 2008

A bit of twitching

Well Dorset called - well a siberian stonechat did!

Now I may have seen one before but there was a plenty of quibble about it and since I didn't have a clue at the time I didn't tick it.

I forget how easy it is to get to Dorset from West London...when the M3 is behaving!
Bypassing Poole is a must unless I am visiting my brother, who was at work and would be none to pleased that I remind him I am not!

Well I was aiming for Cress beds south of Bere Regis and eventually I found it. Since no one else was around I had to do my own finding at least the bird had been seen on Sunday would it still be around? There was a few false alarms as European Stonechats appeared including a female! But then a bird with a white throat and white rump was spied. I got out the compact camera for a hand held shot and damn the battery was dead!

However there was a Stonechat from Siberia, what a long way to fly. So in respect I watched the bird for a while!

Photo on Birdguides here

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