Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tuesday 14th March

I like enthusiasm, and today I was both at the receiving end and the giving!! What's the expression it is better to give than receive?
I'm a Governor of a local Primary School. I took part in the RSPB's Big Bird School Watch in January...and took out half a year group (Yr2's that 6/7 years old) it was part of their numeracy curriculum...well it aided that!!)So I felt I ought to return for the others as well!!
The birding went down so well with the first group I had comments from the parents and some of the children who took part wanted their friends to have a go.
Today was the day.....very cold again!!
I think I now have two teachers converted into beginner birders and hopefully the children will keep looking for birds and getting their id's right!!

In the Summer I think a trip to Barnes might be in order.....

The Nature field (called the New Ground) has a tatty hide and a pond....we are loking to raise monies / grants to do it more on this later!!

Top birds today? Wren, nice and showy, singing Robin,Goldfinches, Song Thrush, LTTits(lovely!!)and the usual RN Parakeets!! (17 species)

Big Bird School Watch (19 species)
(Top Bird Green Woodpecker!!)
Total 22 Species

A birding day!!

A birding day!!

Been Birding today...went to Kent to hunt a Serin. I've only ever seen one (well more but that's another story!!) in Hungary.
Down to a place called North Foreland and a bay called Joss...thanks to a map and clear directions I found it. Well I had to look for a cleared cauliflower there was the object of my attention...except it wasn't . I asked a local dog walker, who pointed out that I was looking into the wrong field. How was I supposed to know one cleared field from another? So looked into the field.I had been directed to..and looked and looked...nowt!! So what was next? Have a cup of coffee.
Well I was standing with coffee cup in one hand and a cheese sarnie in the other and there was movement,so the coffee went flying in my attempt to get bins to face!! There was a bird...couldn't see what!! Scope on to the bird...drat!! (well a few other things too!!!)
So I left the scope ready, poured another cup (well a half cup) and found the cheese sarnie in my pocket...still in its cling film!! Just as I'm about to drink...back came the flying ......into scope...bird yes....but in shadow...(wasn't a very nice day today and it was cold...biting wind.)...then "Yes" Serin..(Yr tic)............spent ages the other week looking for one in Lincs with 3 other birders...dipped..but today....hurrah!!

2 half cups of coffee gone...and the cheese sarnie was now outside its wrapper and only good for feeding to the birds!!
So flushed with sucess I was able to watch the little bird for about 5 mins and it flew away!!

Now where? Dismal viewing to the sea....I’m not that good at seawatching anyway so unless I have another birder with me and the views are good I shy away!! I knew there had been a Swinger or two seen at Stodmarsh and I thought a better place for birding after a celebratory cup of coffee and the other half Cheese sandwich oft I went!!( Lets collect Swinger’s!!)

Well ....I was expecting to have to search diligently for Swingers ....well none to be seen where I thought at first!!

After spying a moving reed…(hahaha) I scoped it and yes a Bittern!! It moved twice in about 10 mins and then I looked at a duck (with my bins) and when I looked back it(Bittern) had gone or at least I couldn't find it!!

I went to the Tower hide...and on the Lampen Wall showing well was a male swinger
( Penduline Tit) which I watched for a while!! Attractive bird.

I then spotted a male and female Gargeney (yr tic!!) on the flood beyond some burnt reedbeds near the Lampen Wall and there were also several Water Pipits. This was getting better and better!!

I was walking away from the hide when I saw a Tern...first this year
a Sandwich Tern....this is a bird I always remember from my childhood birding at Shellness on the Isle of Sheppey!!

So apart from the Marsh Harrier (always mention a MH!!) and a Kestrel I didn't see any other BoP....still love to see Kes hovering!!

A happy birder if a very cold one, had another cup of coffee....and whizzed to the nearest loos!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It begins!!

It should have begun, but something went horribly wrong and Diane has had to sort me out!!