Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is very hectic

I have been very busy birding being very involved in a campaign to save a Nature Reserve from masive overdevelopment and generally. Hands off our Triangle or HOOT is working with local residents, a variety of other groups, London Wildlife Trust to save Gunnersbury Triangle LNR from over development. THe Triangle is on Hounslow land and managed for us by LWT. The massive development is in Ealing. The planning Committee meets this wednesday evening to decide - I am hoping for Deferral which would mean that the developers would see the light and set the flats back further and take off a couple of stories. It still has to go to the Mayor of London for final approval. If it is refused the Developers will appeal and as Ealing Officers are recommending approval it will no doubt be approved by the inspectors- unless we can find some technical hitch! Hounslow Council has sent in a strongly worded objection. I have been helping as much as I can in the fight. Cllr Ruth Cadbury who is presently Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council joined ous on Hoots Silent Vigil or demo on Saturday morning when the Planning Committee were doing a site visit. Over 120 people came for the Vigil including local residents actor Rula Lenska and Theatre director Rebecca Frayne. On Sunday David Lindo (The Urban Birder) posed for photos with me and our Hoot leaflet. On 31st March he visited the Triangle (see his blog report!) and will be leading a walk here in August. There will be an event at the Triangle to celebrate 100 years of The Wildlife Trust on Wednesday morning.
Ruth Cadbury RebeccaFrayne Rula and Jan Hewitt ....Jan has tirelessly campaigned to Save the Triangle from this massive development. She and I are on the Gunnersbury Triangle steering Committee with lots of lovely people all dedicated to the Triangle. There are volunteers who turn up every morning collect a black bag and litter pick so the Reserve is always clean and tidy for visitors except for the people who do litter at night! I liked the childrens posters the little boy is very worried about "his Bats" . All ages were there including a lovely older citizen who could have done with a chair.
I will post about Sunday next!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Elmley - Black-winged Stilt

Here is the female BWS who showed reasonably if at distance - whilst the male showed his head for a brief couple of seconds!