Thursday, October 09, 2008

Barnes on Wednesday

The sun was out- the dog walked so i could go somewhere...where?
Still no Broad-billed Sandpiper in if I'm at Barnes then if something turns up via the pager I could go!

So out to hunt out a rare of my Barnes? Well anything can happen!

Dragons everywhere and I even managed a shot! Took the SLR - I have two battery chargers for that! Discovered a dragon eating heron and took some shots missed it taking dragons....quite pleased with this sequence!Needless to say it missed whatever it was after - frog or fish? Shame that as it would have been brill!

The pager went mad...Alder/Willow Flycatcher in Cornwall (a UK first!) - Ortolan, Melodious and White's Thrushes - on Fair Isle and Northumberland.Will the Cornish bird hang on til Sat when i shall be there- and able to go birding?


Anonymous said...

Goodluck with Cornwall. Nice pics by the way sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Goodluck in Cornwall. Nice pics by the way sneaky.