Friday, October 26, 2007

Very angry

Rare birds found dead on Queen's Estate.

Two Hen Harriers were found dead on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, the police are investigating.

The Gamekeepers are allegedly suspects as they have been found guilty of setting illegal traps in the past...

Hen Harriers are lovely birds and whilst there are more nesting pairs than the BBC had reported nearer 500 they are still at risk.

Irony about this is that there is hunting allowed on the Sandringham estate...which we know the Royals indulge in.

What will come of this I'm not cartain but I do hope they get more than a slapped wrist!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October birding

Here is a photo of an adult with thanks to the photograher who I havent been able to trace- so copy and paste- as I havent permission to show it!

I have been out and about seeing rare and common birds. I have written these up on The Bigg Bird Forum under Corinna's pages 2007 in the Birding Outings section.

I have also decided on my birding holidays abroad for next year.

In early May I'm off to Poland with Ken Shaw (Oliva Rama Tours)and we might get to Belarus for a day- talons crossed.(10 days)- hopefully some lifers there.
In June I'm going to the Picos de Europa (8 days)with a birding friend Bob and Jules Sykes (oliva Rama Tours)1 possible lifer but its the scenery, butterflies, orchids and seeing birds I've seen before but with no pressure(for me!!)I love Espana.
Later in the year - November will find me in South Africa combining a safari with first class birding!(17 days)

An advert now for a top class birder, guide and all round top man Jules Sykes.

He also has a sound sense of humour (for a Yorkshire lad!).

Ken Shaw is a top birder and has a wealth of birding tales of rarities found. He also has a good sense of humour.

oh today saw another Red Admiral...must be the weather!Garden tick for October
and a Hawker in Osterley Park.

Good news about a pretty Lapwing

Well its been ages since I last blogged due to some technical reasons!

Hopefully those are all over now.

Sociable Plover or Lapwing Vanellus gregarius which is a rare bird well a mega.
Its got to be a really pretty lapwing IMHO and I'm thrilled to hear that they are no longer as rare as everybody thought.

story click on title

I saw one from the seawall at Rainham Marshes before the Reserve opened, in Dec 2005,
it was a 1st winter so not as beautiful as the adults it was very however very special to me.