Tuesday, July 13, 2010

White-tailed Plover

Yes - get in!

in 2007 I was in Espana when a WTP came up on my pager - in Scotland - no chance to go to see it.
So when I saw the wandering WTP that was in UK - thn Holland - then at Rainham I wondered would I ever be free to go to see it.

I cant complain - I was In Shetland having a great time, I was busy working on council business and attending a Conference which was very helpful but that bird!

I was on my way to friends in SE London for the World Cup Final and dinner and I knew just down the road was my bird!

Monday came and a meeting and tour of MOgden Sewage Works......then Zeta to walk and freedom!
Zipping off to Kent under gathering black clouds....

as I approached the M20 Breznet turn off the sun was out! The sun shines on the righteous - was the bird still there? Nothing worse than looking at the pager and nothing since the morning...when it had flown towards the reserve - where was it , had it gone?

Arrived at the arc pit none the wiser - about 3.30 ...birders walkking back to the car park - still there? yes!

At the screen it was jammed full a bloke in suit trousers and little bins was staring over the next bit of the screen....others in the distance were on the bank.

Where is he? Brilliant directions and there was the quarry!
Up went the scope and what a stunning bird! So - would you like to look through my scope- due reward to the bloke who had escaped work early!

We then spent a pleasant 3/4 of an hour watchingWhite-tailed Plover - apt name feeding and being territorial - a hapless Oystercatcher was harried from his area...
a feisty bird!

The bloke left - and I stayed another 15 mins just enjoying the bird who did a little circuit so every now and then came inro full view! 389 Uk bird!

I the went to the Dunge Centre - to use the facilities - collect water and off to Denge Marsh to see how the Purple Herons were and maybe a year tick of a GWE!

(more later)

Andy Lawson's photo's follow

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red-necked Phalarope

To Fetlar - last time I was here it was to see a Taiga Flycatcher!
This time it was to see a female RNPhalarope (all talons crossed)...there was always the chance that any females may have already left - and left their male partner looking after the children!
However we were fortunate and there was one and showing well...well when you could locate her!

Scope views so we didn't flush her and hand held compact record shots. But she was a beauty!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Wheatear - family

At the Sumburgh Hotel was a pair of Wheatears nesting in a wall. It was great to be able to watch the parents feeding hatched chicks. One day I managed to set up my scope and digi scope a couple of record shots.
We went to Unst for a couple of nights and on our return the chicks had fledged which was really good to see. No pics from me of the fledglings.I am hoping that I will soon be geeting some pics from Alan - whose photos are much better than mine- and will be on my blog.
The pics are of a female Wheatear - even the male(looked a bit worn!) who I also saw but didn't hang around long enough for a pic!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hedgehog in Chiswick

No photo as I was more concerned with the large mature Hog who I found in the middle of the road as I drove a council colleague home after a clp meeting!Camera was in car...but...

I thought oh no is s/he dead as I spotted a hedgehog in the middle of this side street nr Chiswick Park tonight. Ed checked him/her out and s/he was breathing!

So I got one of my towels out of the car and after discovering the parks gates were locked and the gaps too small to drop a hog through - I picked a nearby garden and placed her/him gently on the lawn.

It was really cool - I could feel the hog breathing and no panic...
Talons crossed for its continued life....

First hog I have ever seen in London!