Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hampton to Kempton Waterworks (Steam ) Railway

2013 not 2014 Superb organization and a very enjoyable event! I cant remember everyone's name but they were undoubtedly a very friendly and knowledgeable bunch! The traffic between Isleworth and destination was remarkably clear with Uday driving safely through my ward (full of parked cars everywhere as The Mosque was busy). Into a Listed Building which anyone passing by on the A316 would recognise - two towers -

Friday 17th May Opening a Steam Railway Station.

2013 not 2014
July 2014 No resolutions just going to try to keep this updated - almost a year has passed since my last blog post! So its been a busy year too! Mostly to do with Local Elections - with some birding in between and some Deputy Mayor events. So in May we had the Local elections in London and Labour did really well - in the Euro's I was so pleased to see that we won 4 seats in London- we ere expecting to hold our 2 and add one but with the results going so well in the locals there was every chance we might just get the 4th and Seb Dance - I will remember his face on being elected for a very long time- what a great bunch our London Team were - fantastic! Now the 4 are working hard for us in the European Parliament! I am now The Mayor of the LB Hounslow.