Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Save the Albatross


19 of the world’s 21 albatross species are seriously threatened by longlining. This is the highest proportion of species under threat of extinction of any bird family.

Albatrosses face threats at sea and in their land-based colonies. The biggest threat faced by most species is death on longline fishing hooks, and their lifestyle makes them very vulnerable to the drastic impacts of this way of fishing.

Why are they so vulnerable?
Albatrosses are long-lived birds - some live up to 60 years. They only breed once they are fully mature, which can take several years. And they only produce one chick at a time. Some species only breed every two years.

Adults are being killed on longline fishing hooks in such vast numbers that they can’t breed fast enough to keep up.

Please visit this site and get involved....someway...anyway....

I am going to New Zealand in November and hope (talons crossed) to see some of these magnificent birds.
Albatross: — Black–browed mollymawk
Buller’s mollymawk
Grey–headed mollymawk
Shy mollymawk
Light–mantled sooty

Even one will do!!