Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eagles eye on life!!

Mainly about New Zealand

Well it now a New Year. Stuff happens and has happened to me and delayed this blog .
In November I went to New Zealand, for almost a month.
What an amazing Country. The scenery, the people.

The birds.
Added 88 to my world list.

Albatrosses, penguins,Kiwis, rare waders, rare birds and dolphins and whales.....

The travelling...the sea trips, the flight to Stewart Island.

The week in Auckland with my friends was really great and I enjoyed having the time to re adjust and get to know some of the local birds fbefore the birding trip.

I finally managed to down load my photos. I really should have done this when I first got back and I guess it may be a little trucated.I got a cold in NZ for about a week and bvrought it back with me now either it is still with me or its a different cold who knows. That was part of the reason for not getting going.

I really ought to be learning birds for my up and coming trip to Costa Rica.

Not completed and will be edited!!