Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Schools Bird Watch

Well its that time of the year again.
So on a couple of mornings found me with year 4 at my local primary school - engaging in a little counting and id birds!

Both mornings were good - Monday brill as we were relatively warm and the sun shone....thursday not so good but it didn't rain!

I love the kids eyes they spot stuff!

Best birds have to be the Goldcrests - a are they over wintering or are they here for longer?
The 4 long tailed tits caused a stir and a Lesser Black backed gull was a good find...we have them flying over to and from the Thames.

Mainly though the usual local birds...and we actually heard and saw RN Parakeets flying over and once in the trees!

Why do they do this - go away when they are being counted?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Osterley Park flier

This is a lovely flight shot by my friend Pat taken recently at Osterley Park.

What do you think?

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Well having guilt tripped my neighbour into filling her feeder (small) - I felt so sorry for my residents birds (no visitors for my Big Bird watch!) that I decided as my cats are elderly (will be 13 in April x3 plus the other one seems more interested in watching birds than catching them aged 11 appro) I would take the plunge and put out some feed.

On Thursday I started with water and some soaked bread in water and some seed in a tray - as I have Blackbirds - who dont tend to use feeders...well they liked that!

But on Saturday after the count found me in Pet Smart - and buying feeders that are squirrel and RN Parakeet proof oh and a suet cake as I also have some Starlings - i know they like suet cake!

Well the local birds have quickly taken to an extra stay in my garden.

First thing sat morning
8 House Sparrows
6 Starlings
6 Blackbirds
3 Wood Pigeons
2 Blue Tits
2 Robins
2 Great Tits
2 RN Parakeets
1 Dunnock
1 Blackcap
1 Magpie (who never stays long but generally perches watching from the rooves of the neighbouring houses)

None of the special recent visitors passed through on Sat (or even Sunday)
S'funny as flyovers aren't counted - Carrion Crows - lots of them
Feral Pigs, a variety of gulls....BH, LBB and Herring with the occasional Common
Grey Heron (daily),RNP by the hundreds and the Geese - Canada's, Egyptian and Greylags! Which gives a more rounded snapshot.

On Monday its the Big School Bird Watch at my local Primary School - we usually get a much wider variety in the School Grounds.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday - gulls,gulls and a mega duck. (continued)

That post was becoming toooooooooooooooo looooooooooooong!

Off went Rocket Man (Bob) up the slope at speed. I followed more gingerly.

Bob had scooped a look into a friendly womans scope and seen said bird. Nowt said to me as I attempted to connect.....but the friendly woman who might be Penny Green - a guy Paul Jones on SOS has suggested....he said she stayed on the bird until he got there so perhaps he wasn't the boyfriend after all!

With some directions I finally saw a very dark blob pop in and out of my view as the waves were large! Eventually I was able to follow where the duck was quite distant and I was able to see the front of the duck and then a squint and the bill appeared - I zoomed in to 40x and then 60x and did my eyes in! Watering they were.

Birders appeared from the left, right and it almost felt like from above!
Soon there were desperate birders calling where is it how far out ....
Bob said lets move to the left as the sun is about to do my eyes in.....we went left and onto the beach the friendly woman and a bloke came along.
We were all looking straight out when someone spotted the duck again and soon all our scopes were on the duck and yes he was travelling towards us.....until we had splendid views.
A birder Bob knew was put on the duck in Bob's scope. But there were a few "famous" or infamous birders - well one in particular who had been getting very twitchy as he couldn't find the duck! We had a little snicker!

Time to be off to look for a Scaup on Scotney. Well we didn't find that duck but we did find a female Scoter sleeping and a Ruff with the lapwings.Best of all Bob spotted a Red-necked Grebe a self found as no had reported it before! Brill!

I look at my pager...we were on our way back to Dunge as the Birder Bob knew - wish I knew his name....had told us there was another gull found - my pager told me an
Iceland this is a lovely gull...the juv in particular!

So off we went a bit speedier than originally.Into the centre -look at the board and Iceland from Makepeace..."lets go"..."no need for that love" called the woman volunteer it was visible from in here...soon Bob had picked up the gull with a little help from another birder (complete with very small child) and I was soon looking at the lovely creamy colour of an Iceland juv...I even got an elderly lady onto the gull in my scope while we attempted to get her husband (who Bob had let see the gull in his scope) onto the bird with his scope...just as we-----and all the birds flew!

Thats birding!

This is a similar bird - taken in Ireland by Rich Bonser - I am seeking permission to post this...I will remove if asked.

See his website here

Very satisfied with our days birding we realised we were starving...nope just very hungry as we hadn't eaten since breakfast...Bob a large bowl of cereal, while I had managed a half bowl off to the Little chef at Brenzett....

on route we stopped to seek out a Liuttle owl and whilst we saw it fly we were both hoping to be glared out by its superior eye! As we left the LC we both saw a Barn Owl fly up from the roadside.

Then it was too dark for anything other than the motorways to home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A trip to Sheppey

Two year ticks
Hooded Crow which was very elusive! and a distant Short-eared Owl.
(There will be a few pics - just have to download them- laters!)

There were many flocks of different species who appeared really flighty. Yes there were lots of Marsh Harriers and at least two Hen Harriers but what really was spooking these birds? Was it a Peregrine or Merlin as neither were seen at all by two people who were scanning keenly!

There appeared to be hundreds of Golden Plovers and a few Ruff in there as well. Flocks of Lapwings. all very flighty - just when were they supposed to eat?

Teal were examined with a fine tooth.Never got the chance to scrutinese the Goldies!
There were several Common Buzzards and late in the afternoon talking with another birder they had sen the Rough leg on a pile of manure/straw earlier in the day....perhaps when I was asked to scope the second straw bale/pile that was were the RLB was - I didn't realise I was looking at a wrong place and couldn't see one straw bale. But we were in an incident at this juncture so perhaps it was inevitable something would go wrong...more re this later when Seth has had a chance to blog!
I'll add an internal link here for his tale! I did find Seth- Skylarks whilst he was engaged in car antics.

We went up to Harty Church and a walk through the field to the gate scoping as I went for the Hooded Crow. We had to get right to the gate before we were able to even have a 30 sec blast at him! Seth managed to find him but he was off within 30 secs so only a little look -thankfully seen lots of these before!

Of the Avocets (lots seen yesterday at Oare in morning - which is where I wanted to start - still Seth had gunned the car to sheppey before I could squeek!)there were none showing from where we were opposite - saw they were in the creek which is tricky from Harty ! The 15 Great Crested Grebes were seen but later at Harty Inn we didn't spot the GNDiver that was reported in the Swale by the Oare guys.Dont think the pint in the pub had anything to do with it!

Back to the Fleet another frustrating search for the RLB...a Barn Owl was called across to us by some birders on the mound - we were at the bend probably round it by now!

Good call as a lovely ghostie was flying and there was interaction with a Kestrel.
In fact there were at least a dozen Kes seen on the Island today!
Reminded me of the bird of the week on Birdguides -
there is a sequence here

Well done to Damian Waters.

Seth spotted a distant Short eared owl which was picked up in my scope quickly!
Well there was no sign of RLB so we walked to another vantage point and scanned again. No luck this time.

Seth had a meal in Southampton for 7 so we really had to leave...thats a tough call when you cant stay until the light has gone!

Still a very enjoyable and interesting day - not just cos of the incident but also due to the very exciting possible project Seth may be involved in very soon!
(all very hush hush at the mo!)

Happy Birthday, Seth for Wednesday! Enjoy your special birding treat on Sunday and here's to the next mega! Happy Hunting.

Purple Sandpiper a lovely little wader

Peter sosbe trying to contact for perm to publish. if you object please tell me and I will remove photo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

An amazing birding day.

Sometimes you get them - a day that is meant to be picking up bits and pieces with the possibility of a mega that turns into a top birding day!

Well on Sunday thats what happened to Bob and me! After a quiet Saturday when as the weather was so nice in the morning (after the rain!) I went out to seek an American duck which was fortunately a male.So off down the M4 and nearly to Greenham Common(that brought back memories of the early eighties!)I was able to arrive at Lower Farm GP's and spy the bird an American Wigeon add see a real rariety(after all the culling) a couple Ruddy Ducks. Later the pager said that a Green Sandpiper was also present but I didn't see it! Yet more Red-creasted Pochards. Where have they all come from this winter I wonder?

OK on to the day!
Having arranged with Bob for a catch up day for him. A whatever birds I see, I see day for me with the possibility of a mega on the sea plus if we looked carefully a few new species for the year for me.
I thought it would be an appalling day- it wasn't so I must trust Bob's judgement and not look at my weather forecasts!

Off to see the long staying Night Heron at Hythe - well Lympne really!
We arrived a bit later than I had meant, met some birders along the track who Bob recognised from West London.We laughed they were down "in case" the King Eider was relocated so were seeing the local "sites".
They said the Heron was in the reeds in the main canal opp the bridge. That was a shame but the canal was free of ice so bigger fish available I reckon! It was showing better than pics from the night before year tick for Bob. I think he added about 26 today! over the ton as well.
Bob had an idea and we went cross country to Hythe proper to the beah where we picked up Purple Sandpipers - lovely little waders, worth a closer view so we staggered down the pebbley beach and up again this time with an occasional helping hand from Bob as I soon discoved my knees were not working so well today!
On to Walland Marshes were a large flock of Bewick's had been reported. Well fields full of Murte Swans kept us wondering where they might be as we weaved our way across the marshes. Spotted just round a bend a lot of Mutes with one interesting swan...scopes out...I saw behind us a flock of.....yes Bewick's and I promptly forgot about the "interesting one" and concentrated on countingthe Bewick's - I have a real soft spot for these elegant swans. Lots of youngster's in with the adults- a great sight.
a good place to read up on Bewick's (these are the Swans that Peter Scott first drew at Slimbridge and discovered that owing to their beak patterns you could tell one from another) is on WWT website - here Bewick's Swan Diary

I counted 79 - and Bob 81 - one missing as there should be 82!
We then drove to a farnm we know where there are lots of passerines.....and there were two flocks, one mainly Corn Buntings (18) and one Chaffinches - I never managed to count them all as they were very flightly , more so than usual. 30? 40?
No Yellowhammers and a couple of Tree sparrows this was worrying as usually there are lots more! Eventually we had great views of a lovely male Yellowhammer who had flown down to drink from the puddles next to the car. Why dont I have my camera on the back seat of the car when I need it?
Got to sort out the compact camera...maybe get it repaired if thats what it needs?
All the birds go up as we see a Hen Harrier explode out of a field and fly up! Brilliant we watched her for a while untilshe flew away....
A local birder than pulled up and after a chat we went further down the road to the next farm and outside there were lots of House Sparrows with several more Tree Sparrows....this is were they were as this farmer has put up feeders and nest further sign of Yellows tho but bingo...a Fieldfare calling and then YES finally for the 2009 year a Fieldfare and then another! The local birder had told us that all the Redwings had left in the cold snap earlier and just about 100 fieldfares had stayed...last we see of the Redwing then til October.
This was getting good!

So on to Dungeness and a loo stap! Lets see whats about. Well the Black-necked Grebe was still at Christmas Dell and the Slav had moved to Denge Marsh - but the variety had lessened not so cold today no iced up ponds so birds able to feed anywhere.

Off to see if we could spot a Ruddy Duck for Bob...few and far between but yes there were two! In the hide and a quick look around two Coots and two Tufties and Black neck grebe - were all the ducks in the reeds probably...aware of time on we went to Arc pits to seek out Firecrests and maybe a Red head?

Pager would have bleeped but on solence except for megas - but sense it and
Caspian and Yellow legged Gulls - where? on ARC! bit faster movement.
Bob's off mets birder coming the other way and speeds off - must still be here great!
(Meanwhile I am trying to see whats on the mob as it rang with with-held on...I am expecting calls but work related not on a sunday so I dont answer than its a left message...I leave it can see this later.)

Arrive at hide- blokes been there 5 mins tells us where a Caspian is - Bob is on it - here Corinna...yes! 2nd Winter and a lovely bird.
Back to my scope find bird....what's the difference between 3rd winterYLG and adult I ask clever gull man...structure...and then we have a short discussion , while everyone goes through the hundreds of gulls....

Yellow leg - describes where - oh I think I have to be...check whats happening with other gulls around it yes on same bird.

I decide to ook at other end to have a break from gulls and so does another birder we call about the same time Redhead and yes goood for Bob...

I have the Adult Caspian and soon all on that as well! We look around and no new birds....come on says Bob lets go find the Firecrests....on way back I ring 123 - its Seth in Devon do I have a half decent Fieldguide? They were on a female poss surfscoter....ring Seth not with me ....have a chat...(I'd had texts already of
Pen Tit, Cirls etc!) reach car - seth says King Eider as Nick (in Devons pager has bleeped) - I look at pager Jury's gap - very close great...Seth hears me say
"King Eider - jury's gap LETS GO NOW! bye Seth must go!....

Spring into car knees fine!We droive safely but quickly to Jury's gap. Arrive birders on top...scopes to the west...slight delay with my parking owing to local oldies divering with trolleys...s***. Go Bob....and I follow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heathrow Expansion

Well despite local cross party objections to any expansion of Heathrow - Geoff Hoon announced this week that it would go ahead. Well it aint over until it is over!
So Greenpeace, Alistair Mc Gowan, Emma Thompson and Zac Goldsmith have bought a field in the middle of the planned site for expension.They are the four legal owners.
see here

If like me you are against this expansion you can become a beneficial owner as well.
As a beneficial owner you'll be included in a legal deed of trust and are represented in any legal fight for the land by the four purchasers of the land.
It wont cost you a penny but you can donate to Greenpeace and/or Airplot.

Local man beat Galileo to see the moon first

So for all the Galileo fans out there....

First Moon Map made in Syon Park

Thomas Harriot made first observations of moon through telescope

On July 26th 1609, several months before Galileo, an English scientist, Thomas Harriot, carried out the first observations and drawings of the Moon made using a telescope at his residence in the grounds of Syon House, West London.

There is very little public recognition of Thomas Harriot in the UK and no lasting memorial to his very considerable achievements in maths, physics, engineering as well as astronomy.

He collaborated with some of the most brilliant scientists of his time. He was a close friend and in the service of Sir Walter Raleigh, with whom he sailed to Virginia as a scientist/explorer. His lunar observations were remarkable for the time. His very detailed observations and drawings of the Sun and sunspots may also have been the first. He also recorded the motions of Jupiter’s satellites. Read this biography of Harriot, specially written for this event by Dr Allan Chapman of Wadham College, Oxford.

Articles at Bad Astronomy, Royal Astronomical Society and Telescope400 give further details of Harriot's life and larger images.

* There will be a celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the first ever telescope observations of the Moon - made by Thomas Harriot at Syon Park in Middlesex on July 26 1609 on Sunday 26th July 2009.
Telescope 400 will draw attention to the importance of the telescope in astronomy today and in the past and highlight the unique contribution to UK astronomy made by Thomas Harriot (1560 - 1621)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday in Sussex

Well we motored to Sussex...hardly anything on the roads...Ivy Lake - to spy Tundra Bean Geese (good sussex ticks) and on to another lake nearby for Whoopers Swans Pair.

Then we realised Bob had lost his wolly hat so to Pulborough B to buy new one!
We travelled mainly through back roads and spied a variety of birds...including Sprawk,Red legged Partridges and Buzzards.

We saw Marsh and Coal Tits on the feeders at PB and Nuthatch.

We went to a lake in Arundel to look for Mandarins and dipped out. Then we sought out Bewick Swans. We dipped these too!Bob said we ought to go to a certain place but then we didn't - guess what- later speaking to another birder waiting to see the Burton Mill Bittern- he had gone to this place and after a very carefull search had seen 20 Bewicks there! Drat!

We went back towards Chichester to go to Church Norton....lots of lovely birds here waders of a wide variety. With a bit of extremely rough sea watching!
(list to follow!)

Then it was on to Burton Mill Pond with a definite lack of birds.....

however we did get Goldcrest and Kingfisher and finally the Bittern popped up to the top of the reeds and was still there when we left!

A good days birding that finally brings my Year List to over a 100!

Peregrine,(my second of the year) Buzzards,(lots!) Sprawk, Kestrels(a few of these) - a nice little raptor fest!
With Red Kite yesterday as well!

Cold yes but not as bad as yesterday.

A Winters Tale.

Today Bob and I had agreed to meet at 11am - to go to the Chilterns to see Red Kites and some other birds!

Awoke to a severe frost and snow! well 2mm???

It was cold and I had quite a few "things" to do. Anyway we meet as arranged and oft to Chilterns we got colder and colder and by the time we were on the M40 we were wondering what we had let ourselves in for - we saw a Red Kite - later we realised we ought to have turned around at the next exit and gone to Stockers Lake!

We persevered ....some one had a giant icing sugar container and emptied it all over the tress and everywhere in the Chilterns...decided lack of any birds!

One place with running water...some birds...all very pretty and no camera!

We did have a lovely Brazilian Coffee in Henley!
We visited Stockers Lake and suddenly there were birds including 12 Red crested Pochards!

Several other birds as well and squealing Water Rails with Grey Herons after them!
A brilliant local patch if you live in Rickmansworth!

We arranged to go to Sussex on Sunday. 8am start.

Friday, January 09, 2009

An amazing gull or two!

I couldnt believe it = GlaucousWingedGull nr Stockton on tees- where i have a very dear friend - we go back years!

I ring how about a sofa for the night? a weekday? well I will be vvvquite when leaving

I get up there... have to go for the bird and bingo! we spy a grey winged gull...
guess what... woweee and the Glock was spotted soon afterwards

glad i couldnt do the mega twitch altho if Seth had rung me I probably would have gone!
better with fewer birders... and a good nighs sleep whizz back friday as lots to do...

very happy Eagle!

sorry Sneaky aka Pauco aka Paul....

for some flight shots see here

there is a good photo here

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Night Heron sequence

The local Grey Herons clearly were wondering what all the fuss was about!
Bare with me as this is a long sequence and I have only just got the hang of posting the last pic first! Strange.

Setting the scene

At the Maidstone service station at 07.30am minus 5!

At Hythe this was the scene that greeted me.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Night Heron fishing and a trip to Dungeness

Well I now know why the Night Heron has remained at Lympne since 22nd November.
If the fish are here then why move?

I will finish this later as a friend has just arrived!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Rainham Marshes 2nd Jan

Well I have decided that I must put the clock radio alarm on on Sunday or I will not drag myself out of bed early.
Meant to be there (RM) at early opening....nope so didn't worry!

Left just before 10 and arrived at 11 - knew Penduline Tits had showed this am
- serin 1 had been seen early -

well short story I dipped again! The birds PT had been seen, then they flew away but had not been enough time for most to take pics and certainly not the fantastic ones from the 1st!

Then there was no sign again...we looked and we searched and searched I met up with Paul Jnr and Paul (Dad)...we birded together in companiable silence and occasionally conversation...but often - Snipe son...where? or did you say a Pintail? where? (me)
Theres a raptor up there(Dad) - I got on it with my scope - a Peregrine!
They had light weight travel my scope was jolly useful and birders all around were sneaking a peek!
Got my pintail.(thanks to Dad relocating it!)
..wonder if Paul jrn ever saw the snipe...they kept flying but where he wasn't looking!

saw all sorts of little reedy birds....including this delightful Chiffchaff!

no PT....

so when a dip is on what do you do go look at gulls and Rainham has planty!

Soon Common Gull added and Yellow-legged gulls as well....seeking a Caspian well if there was one it was amidst 1000's !

Very cold now and light falling.....its about 1...or so...cuppa tea? good idea...
well we got separated as you do and I found some siskins merrily singing or calling away!

Then hallo we met up again and shared coffee/tea and cakes!

Some Essex birders chatted away all very friendly.

They decided to go back for another hour (but no more reports of PT were on the pagers!) I changed my mind and headed home!Saw PT reported at 11.20 - couldn't have been then as we were looking then!

Great driving conditions today...home just over the hour...

I think total today was 21 new birds.

Thats about 60 in two days....not the 200 some wag text me today! got your 200 yet?

haha obviously quality birding over speedy birding!

Bird of the Day on the first - Rough-legged Buzzard
the second - Peregrine

A new year means I look again at usual birds that I see often. The first Reed Bunting, a female but you look again. Lesson for this year if seeking my own rares look once twice and thrice at each bird!

This is going to be a busy year - politically this year and next! So I shall have to ration the birding selectively.
Bob is back from Espana by end of next week so we will have to think where we go birding over the next few weekends.....Sussex,Kent,The Home Counties and longer trips to Norfolk,The Forest of Dean and I think Dorset and West Wales....
perhaps even Cornwall? Who knows .....depends on time and what birds are about as well as finding our own!
Local patches need to be watched as well as the BOU tetrads......oh and that garden needs to have some more wildlife friendly shrubs added.

2009 1st January

Well the best laid plans of mice and corinna went well wrong today. So the drinks will be on me Seth as you must have gotten more year ticks than me today!

Forget the plan...out the window when i didn't get to sleep as early as planned on New Years eve and therefore didn't get up and be at Oare for first light! Another day!

So once that all went wrong other things conspired!

So a Garden list that I didn't expect to be doing...first birds seen and heard fly over BH and Herring Gulls and oh yes a couple of LBB - then a bunch of starlings over the back garden then crows and wood pigeons. Whats the hurry birds none stopping!
Oh yes in my tree an unfamiliar sight a Dunnock! Not the expected bird at all!
Then oh yes Mr. Blackbird - hear and see RN Para(greenrats)keets- and a bunch of Feral pigs. Great list eh?
Magoie heard first and seen later
Finally the House Sparrow gang - great and the Blue Tit pair then Robbie Robin and yes there is the Mr Blackcap! feel much better now! 15

of to Kent - through Bushy Park and spy
Canada Geese
Egyptian (count for now until I go to Norfolk and great the real McHoy!
Jackdaws a plenty and yes there is a BGreater Black Backed and he is sperched on Diana's head!

on through Esher and Oxshott nothing added! M25/26 and 20 - tho gloomy grey weather affecting all except Feral pigs and Woodies!

To Elmley and Kestrels great....up the long drive to the toilets....almost nowt a few Mute swans....
over the wall at the T block no Little Owl...but zillions of whistling Wigeons feeding frenzy
and Teal, Moorhens and Tufties.

Brent and White fronted Geese......

on way back - Stonechat (Mrs) and a Little Egret
out to Harty Ferry Inn Road and yes Cornbuntings on telegraph wires!
then a flashing Merlin
lots of fiels full of Dizzies- whoops Lapwings to most of you!

At Capel fleet - pager had already reported the presence earlier of RLB
- I asked is the RLB about? Yes said a friendly Kent birder!
Parked the car and scope in hand rushed to the birders.
You wont see it - have a look in my scope...its well hunkered down.
Yes there was a bird....but at that distance and a shape. Well thats not good enough -yet.

We loked around I got my scope into the correct position and checked on the landmarks.
Now to see what else is around a Grey Heron huddled on a metal fence!
A very white fronted (chested) Common Buzzard and Marsh Harriers harrying.
Oh yes Mallards! Looking daper.

It was cold and grey and grey and cold..but not as biting a wind as usually is the case here.

The RLB is strtching "her" wings called a birder....on straight away and there she was flapping wings and off she lifted and flew showing off that broad white rump against the tail! Great.
Then she sored a little and flew some more showing the under and upper sides to her wings and her massive head..pwerful birdthen she flew along beside a fence and down!

Wat time is it I asked to be told after 2...quick phone my neice I'm late! no answer at least I tried...I dallied a little thanked the Kent birders - dragged names out of the most helpful two to discover one of the Kent Recorders there!

Thanks must fly! Off I was ---gone!

In my neices road to greet me was a Song Thrush......

yet more starlings perched on the wires as ever but no Pheasant or WP matter!
I was warm and able to change out of the birders gear into smart comfortable gear!
Cup of tea most welcome as was the greetings of my great-neice!

Lovely scrumptious Christmas Dinner and I was full!

A lovely day made better as there was not a lot of traffic on the motorway and coming back it was travelling smootly!

Total birds seen 40

not the soughtful nearer 100! That would have been possible if I had got up earlier and started at Oare!

So drinks will be on me next time Seth and meet I feel a bank loan coming on!

To Rainham for the Penduline Tits 31st December

Well I had to go. I have dipped these before so I need to end the year on another high!

Well it came on the pager they were there in good views. I went and I didn't dip it was after 2pm but they were showing! Great a lovely bird and these were well stonking!

(No camera --- but plenty of good pics on the net!)

In the New Year I shall return with camera.

2008 UK Year ticks 306 - great over the magic 300.
Help I have to sort out the Western P total...trip to Picos - where did I put that list?

World total seen this year well 306 plus extra Espana birds plus SA birds which was at least 300+ .....303 I think - 609 + picos over 600 birds well!