Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Excitement of the Olympic Torch

Last Tuesday 24th July The Olympic Torch came to Hounslow! I was a Torch Ambassador and was based in Hounslow at Bell Corner (nearest point to Hounslow Heath my ward! Dohl drums and lots of Dancing and Channi singing - very good natured crowds except at 12 when latecomers tried to push in front of people who had been there for 2 and a half hours! I was there from 9.30 and I knew the first comers! David Hughes another Cllr joined me about 10 he helped look after my backpac when I had to cross the road or go and find the Mayor Cllr Pritam Grewal and his better half Cllr Ajmer Grewal when the police looked like they might tow the Mayor's car away! It was great - I will put i a link to a short film of the event (I am there for a millisec!) some pics from me- a couple of other photos and hopefully some lovely photos that a friend Pat Simmons took in Isleworth on the London Road near to where we both live. If you are on facebook - go to London Borough of Hounslow's site - and see the links. Hounslow are also following three olympians Rajiv Ouseph(badminton) who lives in Hounslow- Mo Farrah who grew up in Hounslow and went to school here and began his Athletic career here and Alan Campbell single sculler who has tidal connections to us!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Finland /N.Norway May/June 2012

Well I now discover why I have real trouble up loading pics and photos onhere- they are too big - so i have to go back and resize lots of pics and a few photo's then I will try again!