Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heathrow Expansion

Well despite local cross party objections to any expansion of Heathrow - Geoff Hoon announced this week that it would go ahead. Well it aint over until it is over!
So Greenpeace, Alistair Mc Gowan, Emma Thompson and Zac Goldsmith have bought a field in the middle of the planned site for expension.They are the four legal owners.
see here

If like me you are against this expansion you can become a beneficial owner as well.
As a beneficial owner you'll be included in a legal deed of trust and are represented in any legal fight for the land by the four purchasers of the land.
It wont cost you a penny but you can donate to Greenpeace and/or Airplot.


Warren Baker said...

Everyone should holiday at home. Don't use the bloody airport. I hope it all goes tits up!!!

Anonymous said...

Well mr slime ball mandelson showing such great interest in the expansion, should tell us something!! he needs help with his 2.5million mortgage.