Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 1st January

Well the best laid plans of mice and corinna went well wrong today. So the drinks will be on me Seth as you must have gotten more year ticks than me today!

Forget the plan...out the window when i didn't get to sleep as early as planned on New Years eve and therefore didn't get up and be at Oare for first light! Another day!

So once that all went wrong other things conspired!

So a Garden list that I didn't expect to be doing...first birds seen and heard fly over BH and Herring Gulls and oh yes a couple of LBB - then a bunch of starlings over the back garden then crows and wood pigeons. Whats the hurry birds none stopping!
Oh yes in my tree an unfamiliar sight a Dunnock! Not the expected bird at all!
Then oh yes Mr. Blackbird - hear and see RN Para(greenrats)keets- and a bunch of Feral pigs. Great list eh?
Magoie heard first and seen later
Finally the House Sparrow gang - great and the Blue Tit pair then Robbie Robin and yes there is the Mr Blackcap! feel much better now! 15

of to Kent - through Bushy Park and spy
Canada Geese
Egyptian (count for now until I go to Norfolk and great the real McHoy!
Jackdaws a plenty and yes there is a BGreater Black Backed and he is sperched on Diana's head!

on through Esher and Oxshott nothing added! M25/26 and 20 - tho gloomy grey weather affecting all except Feral pigs and Woodies!

To Elmley and Kestrels great....up the long drive to the toilets....almost nowt a few Mute swans....
over the wall at the T block no Little Owl...but zillions of whistling Wigeons feeding frenzy
and Teal, Moorhens and Tufties.

Brent and White fronted Geese......

on way back - Stonechat (Mrs) and a Little Egret
out to Harty Ferry Inn Road and yes Cornbuntings on telegraph wires!
then a flashing Merlin
lots of fiels full of Dizzies- whoops Lapwings to most of you!

At Capel fleet - pager had already reported the presence earlier of RLB
- I asked is the RLB about? Yes said a friendly Kent birder!
Parked the car and scope in hand rushed to the birders.
You wont see it - have a look in my scope...its well hunkered down.
Yes there was a bird....but at that distance and a shape. Well thats not good enough -yet.

We loked around I got my scope into the correct position and checked on the landmarks.
Now to see what else is around a Grey Heron huddled on a metal fence!
A very white fronted (chested) Common Buzzard and Marsh Harriers harrying.
Oh yes Mallards! Looking daper.

It was cold and grey and grey and cold..but not as biting a wind as usually is the case here.

The RLB is strtching "her" wings called a birder....on straight away and there she was flapping wings and off she lifted and flew showing off that broad white rump against the tail! Great.
Then she sored a little and flew some more showing the under and upper sides to her wings and her massive head..pwerful birdthen she flew along beside a fence and down!

Wat time is it I asked to be told after 2...quick phone my neice I'm late! no answer at least I tried...I dallied a little thanked the Kent birders - dragged names out of the most helpful two to discover one of the Kent Recorders there!

Thanks must fly! Off I was ---gone!

In my neices road to greet me was a Song Thrush......

yet more starlings perched on the wires as ever but no Pheasant or WP matter!
I was warm and able to change out of the birders gear into smart comfortable gear!
Cup of tea most welcome as was the greetings of my great-neice!

Lovely scrumptious Christmas Dinner and I was full!

A lovely day made better as there was not a lot of traffic on the motorway and coming back it was travelling smootly!

Total birds seen 40

not the soughtful nearer 100! That would have been possible if I had got up earlier and started at Oare!

So drinks will be on me next time Seth and meet I feel a bank loan coming on!

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