Friday, January 09, 2009

An amazing gull or two!

I couldnt believe it = GlaucousWingedGull nr Stockton on tees- where i have a very dear friend - we go back years!

I ring how about a sofa for the night? a weekday? well I will be vvvquite when leaving

I get up there... have to go for the bird and bingo! we spy a grey winged gull...
guess what... woweee and the Glock was spotted soon afterwards

glad i couldnt do the mega twitch altho if Seth had rung me I probably would have gone!
better with fewer birders... and a good nighs sleep whizz back friday as lots to do...

very happy Eagle!

sorry Sneaky aka Pauco aka Paul....

for some flight shots see here

there is a good photo here

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Anonymous said...

Well! you very lucky person C. A really nice Gull, was it an adult? those that hybridise with Western or Slaty-backed Gulls, have very interesting moults.

I really am chuffed for you.