Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Photo Montage

Well my birthday present arrived at my house today - here is a pic - I will publish each of these photos eventually! Remember they are copywrite of Pat Simmons.

Now an interesting id task I wonder if any of you can id all of the birds?
Or even some of the birds.
I shall not say anything yet!

Now I have a tricky problem - where to hang my Montage? Its sitting at the moment on a table in my front room - the Lounge! Now this room is home to my friends paintings
I have 5/6 I own from Laura Gethen Smith (one is in the Dining room)- do I mix - I dont like to hang anything on the wall where the radiator is - so really the only place is above the fireplace where "Drift" lives - now this could be hung in the room as well - but the frame of the montage is very pale and the mantle piece is much darker - and as some of the birds are quite small they need to be somewhere where one can see them properly so it cant go too high!

I will decide over the next day or so!

Just happy to have my record of the trip here!

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