Wednesday, September 14, 2011


THe inherited cat who rules my life!

So the Montage is in the Dining/kitchen room! Up instead of the LGS painting - and fits perfectly - so the Martial Eagle in the tree is bang opposite my eye line so I can see all the birds!

The LGS painting is going to be hung in the hall were my hand made mirror is - thats going to the top of the stairs after the carpet is changed - cant bear the blue carpet anymore- its been there 15 years!

At the mo tho its in the lounge - on the table under "The White Ship 2" beautifully re framed by a local company who found me the perfect non reflective glass so it can hang opposite my large windows at the front of the house."The Whoite Ship 1" was also in need of reframing- ok so both cost me a fair but a brilliant job done by the Company in St.Margarets.

There is a bit of work going on in the house again- I have to sort everything that came down from the loft- I want to recycle what is not required - ie books to local charity shops and "rubbish sorted!"

Now the garden- spent a bit of today looking at possible slabs/stones for the new patio--Pat had a go at advice and design- found what I wanted at Homebase! Looked all over- trade place and wyevale garden centre!
Just need the guy who will do the work to connect and we can get going on the ordering - hope he can do work when I go to Shetland- especially as I want the concrete outside the back door all replaced!

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