Sunday, September 18, 2011

Migrants and others

Well some more bits and pieces.....
the migrants are arriving - along with "Yank" waders and others....obviously having taken a ride across the pond along the tail end of the high winds...hopefully there might be enough of some of them that they stay overwinter and stay to breed! ;)

Was very tempted to journey to the far west today! Scillies calling - but my grown up self wrested control and I stayed!
I have some organising and shopping to do with the replacement of my present "patio" with a proper one!Builder is preparing plans and estimates - and I have to find the paving/slabs. Thought this was cracked but turns out need a patio pack!

The Garden is a shambles - so "patio" first then in will come a natural gardener to sort out my postage stamp! I have a wild area - I want to develop that along with the feeders - and that pond needs to be sorted too. The basics are there - just needs sorting!

Shetland looms.....

I have a lot to do workwise this week - and Shetland is around the corner.....

so what year ticks have I picked up on - Baird's and Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Grey Phalarope all in the south.

I saw a Pallid Harrier in Essex on Saturday late afternoon - wonder if it will move on to Kent or Sussex?

Had an interseting event this week when I opened a new cycle/walking path at Crane Park (shared Park with Richmond on one side of the river and us (Hounslow) on the other. Brilliant improvement. Great to be with some kids from Crane Park School whizzing around safely on their bikes!Lovely day for a walk to the Shot Tower and look at posters created by children from 3 local schools. First time I had had the opportunity to go to the top of the Tower - good views and much to the surprise of one of the workers we did see some birds from the top- RN Parakeets (unfortunately!) Wood pigeons- and then a pair of Jays - always a lovely bird to see and the woman was very surprised to see any birds - despite being at the same height as the surrounding trees apparently they rarely see any!

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