Thursday, September 08, 2011

Best Birthday Present so far?

Cant wait for Saturday and Sunday - for some birding action! Best present so far?

My friend who came to Tanzania with me - the photographer, Pat brought the work so far to show me yesterday.

My top ten birds of the trip (her photos) plus some others she thought I would like as a photo its birds from the trip...they look cool- she is seeking out a proper mount, which appears tricky- before placing in the frame and then I will get to hang them up somewhere in the house!

I was vaguely thinking of trying something like this with my pics- I bet it has taken hours! Best bit though is she had to id the ten birds from all those photos - so she is getting to be a better birder! lol!

Funny I never even thought it strange when she started asking me questions at the end of the trip as to my top 3 birds- then 10 [funny - I thought I had actually mentioned 20! lol I jest;)]

Cant wait to take a photo of it to share!

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