Monday, February 14, 2011

A wonderful day in the New Forest!

Brilliant birding day ....Gos at least 7 - with at least 6 views plus a dozen Ravens and 20 odd Buzzards and 5 or so Crossbills before we left New Fancy.
To Cannop - my goodness what are they doing to our stream?

But I finally pinned down a Treecreeper there were so many I had to score!
Wellies the order of the day but its seriously muddy , squelshy - I wouldn't have walked down the stream if I had known!
Off to a well know site for Dipper and wow good sightings as it fed on cadice flies!
no Grey Wags - so off to another site - oh back to Cannop but where the tea mobile thingy is usually but none today but 3 Grey Wags and a Yellow -legged Gull!In different places...and my mate Bob spotted the gull (birds a lot in spain) when i looked at it it was very clean and quite dark mantled ( between Lesser and Herring in colour!)...what about the legs - no show - we changed out of our wellies and bird flew and perched conveniently on the bank - bright yellow legs! great!
On our way home - (I had two important meetings tonight!) I spotted a couple of Grey Partridges in a field!

(forgot to mention I had a nice SEO on the way down...I love wols!)

on way home we had 44 plus Red kites - it was too dark to see any on the way down!

I keep the best to last!

On our way home my pager went off and there it was - Oriental ( Rufous) Turtle Dove!
Where? Chipping Norton!
instructions to follow.....
when they came through...very clear..and £5 (when we got there to Birds International - no problems there!)

We travelled through sunlit countryside...yes the orb was in the sky again!

Chipping Norton - find a central Car Park now where is The Lays - Bob does not have sat nav!
Pass an Estate Agent ...there - go in " not buying a house today , but where is "the Leys"?
Helpful comments and then the young man got out a map and explained where to go ...and gave me the map...a woman gave helpful short cuts!

we were off!

we reached our destination...flew off ten mins ago - we missed it by 2 mins and we missed it by 10 seconds! We were all in this together I looked at the back garden from the road and saw - bins up..a Brambling!

we decide to see if we can go in...
made very welcome - the owner a lovely guy - just take off the shoes then you will get hot with the outer clothes...
I am desperate for the problem...

Then we are waiting ....searching....
" cup of tea or coffee?"

then spot! wow in tree above a wood pigeon...a scope came forward and there were the tell tale neck markings!

yes! both Bob and i had got others on to the bird and seen it in the scope - so we were off with thanks to all concerned.

The owner and his partner and the Oxon birders and there will be a photo - thanks to Roger - on this blog when I have received it!

Very happy Eagle!
Great birding day...
thanks to Bob for the driving and good company!

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