Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A mega week!

Phew what a week so far!
Went to Dungeness to try again for the Glock.

I was happy this morning as I saw not only the Glaucous but also a Slav Grebe on the sea!Nothing else new that I could id altho there were one or two divers- decided they were red throated!
Nothing new on the Arc or around the reserve so
went off to Hythe to see if the Purple sandpipers would be cooperative and they were!
(nowt new that I could see at Greatstone!)

So thought I might drop in on Oare or Elmley ......possible owls?
On route the pager went off. Pulled over to look and THAT Gull was back at Rainham on the tip.
That decided me- so off to Rainham.i had parked up and news came through that it had relocated to Wennington Marshes. Thank goodness for pagers!(and one Andrew Lawson - who had relocated said gull- nice one Andy!)

GBBG, Herring G, GBBG, GBBG, Herring ..... "its here in my scope" what?
I look up from my bins and the guy says "look here, quick"

Do I need another invitation - in focus and YES! yes GET IN!

2nd Lifer of the week! Wow!

I then managed to get back on the gull! Great- thats a goodie!

I was then having to drive around the Motorway to home to change and get ready for a
Governing Body Meeting.

Several had heard about the "Oriental Turtle Dove" - I had taken in my Collins to show point talking about the Gull though!

Not sure where I might go tomorrow - but I have to be back for meeting at 5. Not sure I can manage another Twitch! its all too stressful!

Thanks to Andrew Lawson for permission to use his photo.

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