Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Tuesday - I had two meetings this morning postponed/cancelled! Great but I couldn't go where - no contest lets try to see the GGS!

off to Thurlsley Common in Surrey ....arrive and find a few birders about...walk around none I recognise!

I carry on and get to the hill where I saw Goshawk last year.....none this!
What is that yellow globe in the sky?Oh yes.....its the Sun! WOW!

In the sun and perched up yes a Shrike! GGS! Beautiful - there is the bird a good few mins and then gone! Never to be seen by me again!

Where to now...I had heard of a Firecrest nearby so it was off to explore the wilds near Puttenham!

I arrive and there is a couple of birders intently watching ...what?
I get near and one says "Firecrest!"
I look and there fliutting about in that distinctive style a Firecrest! I love Firecrests so feisty!

I have run out of time and have to get back to change for yes more meetings!

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