Friday, January 01, 2010

Brown Shrike is back at Stainesmoor!

Well surprise surprise - after a fortnights holiday "our" Brown Shrike is back!
Wonder where he went? Somewhere without snow- but then he clearly likes "our" moor!

What great news this morning and lo there he was again...clear skies even if very cold!

I am now hoping that I can get my photographer friend to accompany me on Monday to get some photo's.

First bird of the year in my Garden? Goldfinch - beating Robin or Blackbird which were my guesses!

There are now 4 Collared Doves !!

Well the Kent list is sorted (apart from those birds that I know I have seen but need to find my old diaries!) - its the Sussex list tonight!

I shall put the Sussex list on the front of my blog along with the Kent list -be interesting to see these change over the year!

ok Kent list at mo is 252 (although this might be higher by up to 10 others - still to be checked - if I cant find the diaries easily I might just start at 252!!)

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