Friday, March 28, 2008

A few lifers!

A little sally into West Wales and through Somerset to Devon brought its reward.

Black Duck,Rosy-Coloured Starling and King Eider as lifers and an accompanying cast of
Chough, Spoonbill, Long Eared Owl,Franklins Gull and GWE.

A long drive but an enjoyable one with all the country scenery. A really lovely B and B, where they let me go out first thing and return for my breakfast later before my drive back into Somerset and home.

I do like Devon - I say this everytime I venture forth.The people are friendly as well as the incomers. This is no reflection on elsewhere just my thoughts.

Will continue later.


Jan said...

You came to West Wales and didn't come say hello! Tsk. ;)

Eagleseagles said...

Sorry Jan. It wasn't meant to be rude but it wasn't a social call! Whizz into West Wales spot the birds (lifers ) and on to Somerset and Devon!

Those Red Kites of yours are lovelyt and seen on both trips to West Wales this year!