Friday, January 04, 2008

Snow - well some snowdrops!

No not the flowers yet- they should be seen in the garden soon.

Went to Kent yesterday to see my niece,her other half and my great niece! Whose lovely- unbiased Aunties view!
Not a nice day weather to travel in altho the return journey was a breeze-M25 at its best.
When I arrived mt coat was covered in tiny snowflakes (or drops!)

Lovely meal and lovely to see them again. I should visit more often.
Andy is a dab hand in the kitchen too.

Today has been a strange day in that I meant to go out and bird somewhere but I didn't venture forth. I watched part of a video on Southern African birds,
I need to get id ing them!I watched Shaun the Sheep, well a couple of the tales!
I fiddled around on the internet mainly cos I couldn't get blogger to work.

Looked at the Test and One Day Cricket Squad.
Thought they would give Ambrose a go along with Mustard after Priors gaff ridden display in India. Clever of Strauss to be in New Zealand acclimatising!Interesting to see if Treadwell does well.

Hmmmm Birding outings this w/e probably Sussex on Saturday and Kent on Sunday. Quite like to get my Year list over the ton by the end of the w/e.

Thinking about my friend who died recently, its the funny things you remember especially the fun we had!His funeral is not until the 16th, I must have a chat with his partner.

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