Friday, January 25, 2008

Chiswick House and Gardens

Yesterday it was a lovely afternoon and I dragged myself away from working at home and went for a walk.

I often pop into Chiswick Gardens (I think I call it Chiswick Park!) but usually its with Zeta dog!
Today I walked around at my leisure and looked at the birds and squirrels.
Squirrels- dont think I have ever seen so many in one place!
All busy eating of course! I stood about 10 feet between two trees each with a Squirrel on the tree trunk watching me. Just like an equilateral triangle.

I stood still and after saying something stupid to a squirrel watched.They both came down their tree and found nuts or whatever and ate them in front of me- obviously keeping an eye on me but as I didn't move they seemed happy enough to carry on eating.
Then a dog barked and they pricked up their ears and carried on eating.

I did leave them alone after that!

Plenty of Garden and woodland birds about. Noisy RN Parakeets, a charm of Goldfinches chattering about the days news, BH Gulls so close and I found 3 1st winter birds....improving my gull id! Magpies rattling, Woodpigeons balancing on twigs so tiny as they look likely to break! Robin and Blackbirds singing......Finches lots of Finches in the area....Greenfinches looking dapper, Chaffinches looking pink!
Usual ducks...Mallards and hybrids and Canada's and lots of feral pigs.

Best was the quiet...even tho the odd dog barked and the odd kid chattered.
Quiet in between the planes and birdsong!

Dunnocks and Blackcap male back in my garden again today and an Old Dog Fox visited my garden at 11 as I was making a coffee.He soon went.

Today first Chaffinch in my garden for the year....

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Eagleseagles said...

Where was my camera?
In the car!
Shame as I think some of you would have liked to see the Squirrels and I could have practised some manual shots...but I didn't think like that then!