Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo wins Birdguides Best Photo of the Year.

Well as I know the author (as it were) thought I'd post up this report from the
Telegraph (just to show I am unbiased!LOL)

Click on the Title.

Pete works in Cley Spy - near Cley (yes that place) and a very good shop it is too complete with dog who has his own sofa!
Pete is very helpful as you will see when you decide to look at Bins, scopes and anything else there. There is also a gallery of Pictures and Photos....and no I dont have shares in the there's an idea!

Also you can see the other winning photos...there is a lovely cute arhhh factor in a Golden Plover chick and a lovely Darford Warbler.
Barn Owel , Buzzard I do like the Little Egret landing on the fact they are all great...must have taken forever to decide the best...except that it does have it all...humour, surprise, a fleeting moment and a bird that is often really difficult to see let alone photograph!

Also on the page is a story about a Palm tree in Madagascar (would love to go there)
which when it you read it its fascinating!

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Jan said...

The photos are absolutely stunning, thanks for posting that link.