Monday, January 28, 2008

Raptor day

Trip to Isle of Sheppey

Little Owl at Elmley in the tree from the toilet block.

on to Capel fleet

Rough-legged Buzzard flew from a hay bale onto carrion...think it was a Hare.
Merlin over the car

Hen Harrier (Ring tail) at least 2 females.

then on to search for the Hooded Crow and any Geese!

(Marsh Harriers male and females everywhere)
no sign of Grey legged Partridge
Long search for the Hooded Crow! Triumph!

Still no Geese apart from Canada (1) dont get many here and Greylags.

Having searched about........
on way down from the top of the hill as I drove down the Harty Ferry Inn Rd Bob and I saw at the same time GEESE!
stopped in the layby and there they were White Fronted Geese all 37 of them! Flying into their roost at Elmley.

6 new year ticks....then to the Raptor Mound to search for a Peregrine for Bob...saw the RL Buzzard again, a Buzzard and Harriers Marsh and Hen...

then a Barn Owl hunting lovely sight
Start the day with an Owl and end with another! Very Happy

Weather dry and some sun but the wind!! Still it was Sheppey!
I love Raptor watching!(and I include wols with this!)

136 Year List 2008

Just discovered that I hadn't added Mandarin seen 2/1/08 at Osterley Park
If Seth can count Mandarin seen in Bushey Park well !
I was going to wait until the Forest of Dean Trip.

Eagles Rule!

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