Friday, January 14, 2011

Waxwing flock

Our "resident" Waxwing flock are happily staying around the Homebase car park area. Yesterday I had meetings in City Hall(GLA) so was on a train - as we stopped at Syon Lane Station I looked at a large tree next to the station (opposite Homebase)and there they were, perched up near the top of the tree. What a great way to start your day!
That was the third day i had seen them.

Well the birding really will get underway for the next threee days as Bob and I will be going to Norfolk,Dungeness (and another Kent site dependant on time available ) and then the third day to the New Forest.

The order is weather dependant!

Whilst I was at City Hall Bob went to Barnes and scored the Scaup(that I have seen) a Bittern and the Peregrine pair plus a Sparrowhawk. Well thats three I dont have!
He also meet up with Johnny Allan (doing another Surrey Year listing attempt) and Kojac.
(for photos of Female Scaup and the Peregrine plus others have a look at Johnny Allans blog - click on the link on my blog and go to 2011 posts)

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tommyart said...

Good Luck this weekend!