Friday, January 07, 2011

New bins and a new bird for the year!

Drizzle and lashing rain - when it wasn't drizzling it was lashing!
Great day to buy my new bins!
They are terrific in bad light! Zeiss 7x42 T*FL.

Arrived at the Centre to see dozens of Canada Geese on the playing fields opposite plus some Egyptian Geese and Thrushes - most Blackbirds but some Redwings as well.
Ducks and ducks ....just the weather for them....
Best bird a female Scaup!
2nd dip on Bitterns!

This w/e the weather is meant to be better - but where to go?

Also second day chasing shadows instead of Waxwings - the weather is not helping but I found a site with lots of berries so will go there tomorrow at first light and hope!
They have been seen in the vicinity if not that exact spot!

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