Saturday, October 02, 2010


Here are a few photo's with thanks to Hugh Harrop.
Well between slow internet here on Shetland and travelling to Unst the blog has a bit of catching up!

I will stick to highlights and the dips not always sure that they were all dips as birds may have not stayed overnight!

So Sunday was the Arctic Warbler in sunshine and posing nicely besides roses!
Monday were three Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Esha Ness lighthouse - such pretty waders and quite confiding!
Tuesday was a real twitch - Buff-bellied Pipit a lifer for Jon and only my second ever! Eventually the bird did show and quite close to the minibus!

Meanwhile a White's Thrush was seen and then didn't show for the assorted twitchers!
Certainly are more birders on Shetland this year!

Wednesday we had a delightful and showy Arctic Redpoll on Unst.

Thursday it rained everywhere and boy did it rain!
I forgot to mention that Sunday and Monday the weather was positively hot for Shetland - well the sun shone and there was little wind!
That was made up for by Friday where the wind howled!
Severe weather warning put out so it was bad over night - gale force winds!
seasterlies so ther should be more good birds about!

oh those dips well David found a Redflanked Bluetail on Tuesday night on Unst and we spent a lot of time on Wednesday trying for it - no sign!
There was a drama in Quendale where a Paddyfield Warbler had been reported - but when we were there a very flighty warbler was found -Blyth's Reed Warbler.
This was re-found by us on Friday - after 90 mins walking through the lilies but even then I didn't get good enough views for me to id it! so Warbler sp it remains!
I did however self find a very nice Yellow-browed Warbler on Burra later that afternoon!

Totals for those who are interested?

11 Year ticks(as you know not so much birding this year!)
with 8 new birds for Shetland including Rook, Collared and Turtle Dove!But best of all were two Hawfinch on Unst on Wednesday!

Now for a day birding in the South to see whats landed in the storm - and another week on Shetland - going to Fair Isle on Monday!

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