Saturday, October 02, 2010

A lifer at last!

Great news - a lifer and not just any lifer!
Radde's Warbler here at Sumburgh Head in the 2nd quarry!
Came up on my pager at 1.39 and off i went - arrived with lots of birders watching and fortunately for me there was a space next to Paul Harvey - who happily directed me to where the bird was- and what a lovely bird- fortunately it was busy feeding and showed all the features nicely in the sun!
Hopefully some photographer will get a good shot!

This morning I was watching Redstarts - they are a really fine bird and a woodcock - and now a Bluethroat!

So on my 8th day on Shetland I have a Lifer! I shall celebrate tonight!

Unfortunately the Booted Warbler that was found yesterday but refused to show for me, was seen beautifully this morning by Hugh and I hear a couple of people who have been here with us for the last week. Thats a blow as it would have been a lifer for me - well I know which bird I want us to go for tomorrow morning as i expect it will have to wait until then.

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