Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dungeness , Dragons and almost dipping!

On Tuesday Bob and I were goingto go to Minsmere (Fudge Duck, Little Gulls and Dartford Warblers for me- Fudge for Bob and whatever might be about in Suffolk!)but when I got to his house - at 7am it was well the Cattle Egret was seen yesterday at Dunge and we both wanted GWE - and surely I wouldn't dip it for a third time?

I was hopeful of Sandwich Tern and maybe Little Tern we went to Dunge!

It turned out to be a lovely day and Dragons and Damsels and Butterflies were everywhere!

I also ran into a couple of my friends attending a Bumblebee talk in the afternoon!

Yes - we saw a couple of Sandwich Terns out on the patch - lots and lots of Gannets - the usual cast of sea gulls and Harbour Porpoises!

We went to Dunge and heard the Cattle Egret had been seen early morning from the Screen....not visible.....

drove down the road - still no sign - so off to Denge Marsh Rd

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