Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What is this gull?

This could be a quiz?

So what is this gull?

On the Thames this January.

The Black-headed Gulls are there for size comparison.
Paul its your turn!

Janice's Gull (she refers to in Comments)


Jan said...

Looks like a juvenile Herring Gull to me.

Jan said...

Sorry, meant to post this too - this is my photo of the one that took a chunk out of my face last summer, when we found it with hooks and fishing line almost cutting off its poor leg.

Robbiegirl said...

I'm rubbish at gulls!

I can do black-headed, great and lesser black backs if I can see the legs, herring... that's about it. Juves? No chance!

I I live in the middle of the country, that's my excuse!

Eagleseagles said...

Hi Jan

I cant see either of your links?

I have really only just started learning more about gulls!

I was doing it as a wind up for Paul
as we have been having conversations about me finding a Caspian. It was the nearest I could find to one to make him really look!
It worked he wondered but Jan you are correct!
Juv Herring Gull!

I'd like to see your photos Jan!

Jan said...

Copy and paste the url - it should work, I just tried. If not give me a shout on BBF - cant remember if I put about it on there or not now.

Jan said...

Yup, I did, it's on BBF -

If you cant get that link, just search Herring Gull under my name!

Eagleseagles said...

Finally found the link!

I shall post the photo Janice if you object I will remove it!


Jan said...

Nooo, that's fine, another one of my gems online. ;)