Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trip to West Wales

I shall be writing this w/e birding up later...the summary of it!
I have a couple of record shots to post as well!

This w/e joined by Bob's birding friend (becoming mine as he always brings good luck) Geoff on Saturday.

We went to West Wales target birds

Pacific Diver

and a Spotted Sandpiper

Well we did see both plus a Black Throated Diver

a Yellowhammer on a wire on route (nearby) to Llys-y-Fran.

3 Red Kites (and 6 Buzzards)and 3 Ravens

and a Grey Wagtail at the Lisvane Reservoir.

Plus lots of other birds.

The BTD and PD (also had a Black necked Grebe there as well as GC and Little Grebes plus 2 Kingfishers!) were easy to spot ....as were most other birds but

the tale of the Spotted Sand...well that will be on my blog tomorrow!

UK year list 150 (Pacific Diver not counted by BOU - yet!)
I had the best sleep that night I have had for ages!

Sunday was Bob's turn to drive and we had 2 target birds again.

Ring neck Duck and Lesser Scaup - both long staying birders overwintering here.....so to Buckingham and then to Abingdon...

same Ring necked Duck - should be ring billed!

on the way to the RBD we saw a Bullfinch now we had heard these in several places this year and not seen them!A lovely radiant bird!

while looking at the Lesser Scaup a Kingfisher flew across!
Far from struggling to see KF as I usually do this year we seem to be seeing them everywhere!

and just where we had parked our car were two Mistle thrushes proving like buses when you have seen one three come along! LOL!!

So after today

UK year list 155

Another very successful w/e birding.


Eagles Rule!

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