Monday, February 18, 2008

Thetford forest

What a lovely place. I say this every time I visit.

On Sunday a planned visit to the Brecks lived up to its reputation.

There was a full on frost minus 3 almost all the way from West London to the Forest.Just occasionally it went to 0!

We walked miles around Lynford and ended up with one fly by Hawfinch! Chaffinches by the barrel load in fact almost every other bird was a Chaffie!

Blue, Great, Coal and LT tits abounded.

Blackbirds and Robbies.Canada Geese, Mute Swans in fact 7 decided on a fly past nosily and then back. Coot standing on the ice looked comical.

Mistle Thrushes, Song Thrushes and ducks.....
No Crossbills!

On to Wayland Wood- where we heard and then saw Nuthatch and on the same tree a surprised Treecreeper. Surprised by the Nuthatch who may have landed on it!
No Golden Pheasant but scraping and heard again.Oh and Marsh Tit to add to the tits seen today.

On to another place in the Forest nr Brandon...St Helens?
Looking for Crossbills and Lesser Spots....not a sound from a LSW! Perfect weather for singing.
Siskins,Chaffinch and Goldfinches along with the Tit squads the cones were cracking open in the sun and all the birds were up in the canopy eating!

Great Spotted Woodpeckers everywhere including Lynford.

Heard and saw Green at Lynford too.

Bob heard a Brambling at the car park but we couldn't locate it (wished I hadn't known!)

Then to Mayday....the sun was full on but there were still patches of ground with frost on from the morning and this was 3.30!

We walked to the water trough and birds flew every which way.
We retreated away from the track and set up scopes and

in the sun 2 Crossbills posed then flew away! and
....a Brambling! Looking beautiful! The orange really orange, the white shining brightly and his head nearly black! My first of the year!Then 2 in another tree and then another 6 flew over our heads the orange and white like flags!

Then some more and by the time we left we must have seen 20!

We then went on a Woodlark hunt and eventually Bob spotted one perched up who then promptly flew down as I looked!
We eventually saw 2 well!

At this point we retired to the car and our journey homewards!

6 woodland birds nicely added to the year list!

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