Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shetland in June

Overxast skies greeeted us as we arrived at Sumburgh Airport after a relatively trouble free flight(s) up from Heathrow.

As we may be going to Mouse tonight and I hadn't slept well I decided a lay down was in order or would I watch a match of the World Cup?

Neither I ended up was the sighting from my window of a Bonxie(year tic)
that was enough - must go out! No rain - even the wind and cloudy skies were forgotton!

Actic Terns all around in the skies these dainty beauties were entertaining and then in roared the GBB guls - gbh was about to begin! But the sheer quality og the flying from the Arctics was enough to keep most of their feed for their young!

Eiders - females on the sea with young. Another year tick!

Gradually edging towards 200!

Went for a walk up to the lighthouseand read about the Puffling....but the weather was the kind to keep Puffins underground or out at sea fishing!
But Kittiwakes and Guillemots and Razorbills plus the gulls and the presence of a Bonxie or two or three keptt me busy.

Wheatear ....and another - a Shetland new bird for me.....(as were the Razors and Guillemots.....)

I missed an Arctic Skua - so eyes will be peeled .....
and there were Twite about again where .....but they are on the expected list.....
(common scoter was also seen....a unusual siting here....)

Heard at the evening meal these missed birds and the sightings by several people of ....Otter ...grrlll!

The trip to Mousa was postponed ...due to the swell.
Watched the end of the Cameroon game - at least it was exciting and then bed - in the daylight! Simmer dim does exist - light until 11 at least and then again this am 4!

off around the South Mainland today.....

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