Monday, June 14, 2010

Purple Herons

Well Dungeness called last week - Purple Herons(yr tic) yes-RFFalcon - nope
Yellow Wagtails (Yr tic) - Yes and Yellow=legged gulls (Yr tic) with some rather hansome Med gulls!

Stand out birds these - on way home I heard there was a Hoopoe in Surrey - well the directions were wrong and I didn't even see any birders where I went! big dip!

I heard lots of peeps dipped as well - please if you are bothered enough to report a bird get the site correct! You must know where you are!!!!

Yesterday Common Rosefinch came up on the pager and I couldn't go grrrll.

Still I am going to Shetland on saturday for a week so I should add some nice birds to my list even if nothing rare shows....and maybe Otter - a Shetland tick!

Puffin, Red-necked Phalarope,Storm Petrel, Black Gulliemot, Great SkuaorBonxie as they are called - so there are 5 yr ticks and finally reach the 200!

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