Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long eared Owls!

Went for a visit today to beddington to meet Johnny Allan of Dip or glory website fame.

You wouldn't know you were in London/Surrey there - cant hear the traffic or see any houses!

Very impressed - I have only been there only once before for a Spotted Crake in 2006 - I believe - that was a flying visit.

The Tree Sparrows were all over the feeder at the hide very nice close views and I will have to take my Canon there when next I visit.

Thanks Johnny I will return!

Then I went to a undisclosed site nr to Beddington, with Johnny to see a Long-eared Owl - in fact there were two fairly close together. One was sitting well out in the sunshine and occasionally glanced in our direction with his ears up! Not at all phased! The other well I couldn't see his/her head! Just the fabuously well camouflaged body and wings!

Lovely year tick! Dont think I would have found them without Johnny's guidance.

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