Sunday, March 01, 2009

Buckinghamshire for a duck!

Yes this afternoon was a little(!) long way through Bucks for a famous Ring-necked Duck. This young man has been coming from the States to spend his winters with his British cousins- Pochards at Foxcote Reservoirs for ages now...a fully mature stonking beauty.

Now some of you like ducks...this is a duck to be respeced. he is way bigger than any tufty and that head shows so big but its his smart attire that takes the biscuit! So elegant. Nearly as lovely as a Smew or a Marbled but not!

Well the chaps had a brilliant day yesterday....and Bob enjoyed telling the tale. I shall have to pop down there on Wednesday! Cant bear the thought of Dipper and Grey Wag and Raven and LEO being missed. They even saw a bunch of Waxwings on their arrival in Frampton village - they had only been there ten mins!
Geoff clawed back quite a few birds today and so did Bob - only just ahead of them - I am!

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