Monday, February 02, 2009


We were warned but this much?
Brilliant soft snow...just right for snowball fights in the street!

First to get some snow off my feeder tree and see that the feeders are full!

Mr Blackbird was defending his territory from everyone even chasing off his other half much to her surprise.

Out to my friends to collect my camera.
Quick diversion to have a snowball fight(!) with the little boy across the road and his mum and dad, well the dad and I threw at each other across the cars, me catching most before they hit me!

We are all big kids at heart.

Friends ringing up - got the day off school.

Pictures later - oh and my very first Goldfinch (in my garden) on the feeder just now - get camera out and gone!
Battery flat - that was quick couldn't have charged it properly!

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